eKat is made in USSR, lives in Berlin, regrets Nothing

Can’t express, how happy I am that this page appeared in front of your face and I really hope that you will get back to my blog incredibly often. Probably, I have to introduce myself, my name is Eka and this blog is a part of my life.

It is impossible to count attempts, when I was forcing myself to concentrate in blogging on one specific topic, for instance, fashion or travelling. To be honest, all my efforts were useless. I guess fortunately, I can’t write about prepared in advance topic, that’s not really my cup of tea. I have a bunch of different interests, which don’t allow me to follow the cliché supported by thousand other bloggers  “choose your niche”. My niche is my life. That is why, eKat blog is a lifestyle blog, which represents variety of different topics. I am a huge fan of fashion and beauty, adore traveling and enjoy cooking, and what is even more important I am excited to share all that with you.

I am pretty sure that there are no coincidences in life and I hope, that eKat blog would meet your expectations and our today’s acquaintance would be long – lasting and useful.

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