Gingerbread house

Gingerbread house

My perfect gingerbread house is ready for Christmas. It definitely requires a lot of patience, but result worth it:) This gingerbread house is exactly how I was wishing it to be! Watch out that I used ready gingerbread and icing (1). The whole set available to get the house done, however, I personally used just icing and gingerbread itself. Snowmen and a christmas tree is made out of sugar fondant (2). And of course don’t forget some decorations, like this green&red sprinkles (3). All ingredients I got from my personal “baker” haven in Berlin, called Cakeville. If you are in Berlin, go and see it! I could stay in this shop FOREVER! But if you are not here, don’t worry, you can get all these things online, for example HERE

Russian version




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  1. Jenny

    только вчера штудировала интернет на поиски пряничного домика!) выглядит красиво! пошла изучать)

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