Halloumi Salad with mushrooms and zucchini

Halloumi Salad with mushrooms and zucchini

When I think of Halloumi salad, it immediately reminds me of Israel. You can eat it in every coffee place around the country and I am always looking forward to it, when I am visiting Israel. It is somehow a taste of childhood for me! I remember how my parents often brought me to the coffee place with the best Halloumi salad in Tel Aviv. Well, you know, every childhood taste is very special. These days I decided, that it is a time to make one of my favorite salads at home. It was great and fast, the only thing was really missing is a special Israeli atmosphere, which makes this salad very special!

Halloumi Salad (for 2 portions):

  • Halloumi Cheese 70 gm.
  • 1 Zucchini
  • 3-4 champignons
  • Salat ‘corn’ 100 gm
  • 4-5 cherry tomatoes
  • 3-4 mini carrots (or 1 medium carrot)
  • olive oil
  • fennel
  • 0% fat yogurt

1. Prepare “corn” salat and cut cherry tomatoes into 2 or 4 parts (depending on their size)

2. Cut zucchini and carrots into rounds, fry on olive oil till it is completely ready.

3. Cut mushrooms into 4 parts, fry on olive oil till it is completely ready.

4. Cut Halloumi cheese into small squares, fry for 1 minute on a very hot pan (add a tiny bit of olive oil) till the cheese gets the nice color.

5. Mix all ingredients, add salt and pepper.

For Halloumi Salad dressing:

I use fennel and 0% fat yogurt, salt and pepper. Just cut fennel and mix it with yogurt, add a bit of salt and pepper. Dressing for homemade Halloumi salad is ready. Alternatively, for dressing you can just use olive oil and lemon juice. It is up to your taste!

 Russian version

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