Low calorie cake in 30 mins (without baking)

Low calorie cake in 30 mins (without baking)

Low calorie cake in 30 mins without baking. Easy recipe for everyone who has a little bit of time and doesn’t want NOT to get fat :mrgreen:

Ingredients (low calorie cake for 8-10 people):

  • 200gm. dark chocolate
  • 1 pack of dry jelly(red) powder
  • 30gm. rice flakes
  • 50gm almonds
  • 800 gm. berries, e.g. strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc

In the top of a double boiler over hot water melt chocolate, stirring until chocolate is smooth. Add flakes and chopped almonds. Prepare the form for baking the cake by placing the plastic wrap inside, so that it is totally covered with it (including sides). Place chocolate mix into the form and spread it all over the form, to cover the bottom totally. Refrigerate the form for 40 mins. Prepare fruits, wash and dry them, place on the form to make the cake not only tasty, but beautiful. Follow the instructions on the package of the dry jelly powder and fix fruits with it. Refrigerate the cake for 2-3 hours. Get it out of the form and slowly remove the plastic wrap. Here we go, health and low calorie cake without baking is ready to be served!

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  1. Лали

    Отличный рецепт!очень вкусный,сделала с другими фруктами, как придет сезон клубники попробую и этот вариант, спасибо ! Целую

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