Cozy Jacket

Cozy Jacket

Another Berlin look in ’90s Seattle style. Super comfortable jacket from Isabel Marant, red lipstick, jeans and me in a good mood, cause it is not morning anymore. I can’t express how much I hate early mornings and find thousand reasons why I can stay longer in bed or why I actually don’t need to get up today at all. You are lucky, cause you never see my pissed face in the mornings, just these nice pictures in the middle of the day, when I look friendly and happy to have the new day.

So here we go, enjoy the most comfortable and cozy jacket ever.

Russian version

Eka 1s

Eka 8s

Eka 5s

Eka 10s

Wearing: Shoes Prada, Sweater Chloe, Jeans 7 for all mankind, Coat Isabel Marant Etoile

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