Gone With The Wind: Berlin

Gone With The Wind: Berlin

Ice cold and windy Berlin, brrrrr…When there are days like this, I wish to be on the tropical island instead. Unfortunately , there are no ways to get out of the city right now, so have to handle this weather. Still trying to be feminine in this ice cold city, so you could enjoy pics!

There are so many things to do, my to-do list will soon explode. Of course thousand plans for Christmas, NY and HOLIDAYs. Can’t wait! Obviously with all those upcoming events my lovely blog will be updated much more often, so be ready for typical christmas dishes, outfits, ideas and etc. Pffff… And still THE BIG TO DO is to upload all posts to the blog, since there are so many interesting things from past! I wish there would be 48 hours a day and I would not need to sleep at all)) So, watch out for upcoming updates, guys))))

PS Have u seen my top?! instead of dots-hearts, a new version of dots!

Russian version



Ekat 5








Ekat-12 Wearing: Skirt JPGaultier, Top Sheinside (available here), Shoes Santoni, Coat Akris, Bag Christian Dior , Hat No Name  

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