How about looks? In love with BLUE

How about looks? In love with BLUE

Adding a bit of blue mood to this days. I take my words back, black is not the only color I am obsessed with. Love blue, love this pics!

Russian version










Wearing: Jeans G-star, Shoes Timberland, Shirt Live Lacoste, Jacket Le Sentier, Bag Celine, Necklace Korean brand

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  1. Tyvek gery

    Basically, for me, if a word was a beautiful word, it wasn’t the sound of the word that intrigued me but the look of the word. I saw each letterform as a piece of design. Cat is not “cat” it’s c-a-t. That’s what led to the beginning of the expressive topography that we talk about. Letterforms themselves can support the visual idea of what the message is. You’ve got to have a love and understanding of the letterform itself before you can put this stuff together.

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