One look and Wild Wine

One look and Wild Wine

One look, which is just about wild wine!

I love when the walls are full of green wild wine. It is even more special in autumn, cause leaves are turning pink and red. I am so deeply obsessed with wild wine, that now it is also growing on the wall on my terrace. It will take years to get to the same effect like on the pictures, but my hope is strong.

I am always passing by this house full of ivy and wine. Sometimes I could even take a longer way to see this house and imagine how could I sit in the building just in front of it with my hot cacao mug, perfect book,  wool socks and huge oversized red sweater.

This beautiful and  romantic autumn time spending is just in my head. In reality, unfortunately, I am running non-stop form “a” to “b”, trying to catch at least a short moment to enjoy this perfect autumn.

Russian version

Eka 14

Eka 9

Eka 6

Eka 12

Wearing: Sweater Unif, Trousers Zara, Shoes Prada, Bag Chanel

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  1. Jenny

    Красивая, уютная осень!Образ шикарный! Хочу увидеть твою террасу:) А на какой улице этот “виноградный дом”? :)

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