My favorite trend this autumn-colorful socks. I think I bought socks in all possible colors. Especially since this coat matches nearly everything, cause it has this little colorful spots all over it. This year autumn in Berlin is really beautiful, golden leaves and warm weather. Hopefully, it will stay like this for another month at least, so I could wear all the colorful socks I got.

Anyway, I would not mind some snow, because snow in Berlin means christmas market. I am already super excited about NY’s and Christmas, ready for gluhwein and christmas tree decoration.

PS Tomorrow I am off to Paris, can’t wait to get Andy’s pic in front off the eiffel tower.

Russian version

Eka 6-1

Eka 2-1

Eka 8-1

Eka 12-1

Eka 4-1

Eka 11-1

Wearing: Trousers Pinko, Shoes Santoni, Socks Falke, Coat Chloe, Bag Celine

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  1. Anonymous

    Вы мэм или мисс? Как вы относитесь к бракосочетанию.

  2. mrakoborez

    Предидущее сообщение от мракоборца. На всякий случай.

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