OOTD: Umbrella and the wind of change

OOTD: Umbrella and the wind of change
My friend from Moscow was visiting these days. I am in my dark-green parka, rubber boots, crazy umbrella and pink mate lipstick, headed to the meeting in a rainy grey Berlin day. The first thing that I heard was “I have never seen you dressed like this in Moscow”. I just calculated it is nearly 4 years, I am not living n Moscow. The time runs like crazy and I probably didn’t even mention how my taste and the way I dress up changed. It made me a different “me” from what I used to be before.
No regrets, not a tiny sadness! I love my “adapted taste”, which is a mixture of so many countries, cultures and trends, which is only inspired by freedom and being what you want to be today, but maybe not tomorrow.

Russian version

Eka 3e


Eka 8e


Eka 9d

Eka 7e


Wearing: Parka Paul Smith, Boots Valentino, Umbrella JPGaultier

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