Playful Green Mood

Playful Green Mood

Sunday is a perfect day for doing nothing. It was hard to get used to some of German week habits))) I remember clearly how much I hated the fact that everything is closed on Sunday. No OPPORTUNITIES to do anything. I was totally freaking out, especially after Moscow, where everything is open 24/7. Some time passed and I am totally used to the typical German Sunday, dedicated to doing nothing, spending time with family and friends. I would even say that now i love this type of Sundays. Obviously, the outfit for Sunday is exactly the same as the day itself, playful and easy-going.

Russian version











 Wearing: Sweater Acne, Skirt Vegan Leather, Chucks Chanel

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  1. Евгения

    девочка-девочка:) на мужа твоего не косятся, когда вместе гуляете?:))))
    и… я постоянно первая тебе пишу:)

  2. dana-ilf

    Какие ты места находишь интересные) это такая детская площадка?
    Ты клевая-клевая Эка)

    1. eKat
      Post author

      ага, детская площадка с деревянной мебелью) спасибо!

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