Thank God it’s Berlin

Thank God it’s Berlin

I didn’t buy this t-shirt accidentally, ‘thank God it is Berlin”, so much reflects this city. Sometimes it seems to me that I always lived here. Meanwhile my second Berlin anniversary is coming closer. I feel in Berlin, I finally really live every day of my life. It’s incredible how many things I can squeeze in one day here, working, going to the gym, meeting friends for drinks and dinners. Even having time to shoot the outfit, while heading somewhere else. That’s why I love Berlin.

Today I am flying to Milan, of course, would not stop myself of shopping. It is nearly a crime not to shop in Milan. By the way, if there are any secret places of Milan shopping you could share, I would be very excited. Maybe vintage stores or small local brands?

In the end of the week I will be back shortly to Berlin, before my 48 hour trip to Moscow and then Vilnius for the weekend. And you know what?! I already miss Berlin, even in my thoughts of being not here. Thank God it’s Berlin!

Russian version









Wearing: Shorts Machima, Top and Hat ‘no brand’, Socks Falke, Shoes Chanel, Jacket Maison Martin Margiela  

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