1 COOL THING THIS WEEK: Linda Farrow Sunglasses

1 COOL THING THIS WEEK: Linda Farrow Sunglasses

I am a bad girl, I was not posting in time 1 cool thing this week, but I have lots of excuses! This week eventually I am back with absolutely fantastic thing of this week!

OMG… this sunglasses from Linda Farrow are just amazing… and fairly the price is also pretty amazing! Well, at least you would know that there are not many chances to meet someone in the same glasses on the streets… And undoubtedly, they are absolutely gorgeous, made out of  stainless steel, titanium and elaphe with perfect steel grey glasses. It’s just a girl’s dream for 940 euros, available on net-a-porter

Well, in this moments it is good to remind yourself that the best things in life are NOT things!


Russian version

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