5 hair products

5 hair products

Finally, I got it all! My “top 5 best hair products” for the current season. It is summer and a perfect time to recover your hair after long annoying winter and summer sun.  That’s why all those products are so-called ‘recovery’ power. Anyways let’s start with my list where I give you more details about each product.

1 and 2. Perfect shampoo and conditioner ‘Recovery’ by Tigi Bed Head

First of all I adore the smell of these two products, candy smell. The second important fact about it is that shampoo and conditioner are perfect for dry hair and perfectly moisturize your hair. Which makes it all even better, is an affordable price 32 euros for both bottles. Mind that bottles are huge, each 750ml.

3. Alterna Caviar Shine Boost

Saying “NO” to fatty hair masks.  This product is having a very particular consistence.

Alterna Caviar Shine Boost indeed boosts the shine of your hair just in several minutes.

4. Moroccanoil

I actually was already many times saying how nice this oil is. But anyways I am ready to repeat myself. I am applying the oil every time after washing my hair, before drying them. I am using this oil at least for last 3 years and can’t definitely say that I am absolutely satisfied.

5. Kerastase oleo-relax

Have to admit that Kerastase is producing best hair masks. They have lots of different lines, which mean that everyone can find a product, which fits to your own specific requirements. I am using the mask twice a month, and in two other weeks using Alterna Caviar Shine Boost. From my personal experience can say that u should combine different hair products in order to get best results. Using the same mask for a long time would not be that useful after a certain point.

Oh, yes just in case here is the website where I got all those products (of course, interesting mainly for users in Germany or EU). The total price for 5 products was 130 euros, which is not that much, since you can use these products for months.

Russian version

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