Being Romantic

Being Romantic

Today is 17th of September, this time 2 years ago I just arrived to St.Andrews, Scotland. I remember myself standing in the Market Street and being lost and excited at the same time. I felt like I am in a Harry Potter movie with hundreds of ‘freshers’ walking around, just instead of owls and brooms, they were carrying groceries and beddings. To say that St.Andrews was an incredible and unforgettable place is like saying NOTHING. There are definitely no memories I cherish that much as St. Andrews memories.

This time 2 years ago, I wouldn’t believe that today I will be posting this message from my Berlin flat, being married with the guy I met in St.Andrews. Being legally married and planning a wedding ceremony. Unpredictable life!

As a part of inspiration process I found an amazing pre-wedding video. You know I am obsessed with everything beautiful and unordinary. Enjoy the best love story I have ever seen.

Russian version


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