Best of 2013

Best of 2013

Just a bit of time left before 2013 ends. It is a time to remember the best moments and thank those, who made my year. It was a great year with lots of important events, good things, amazing travels. The year full of love and harmony. The biggest thanks to my family and husband for the incredible year, and, of course, thank you all for the interest in my life and opinion.

Thank you Berlin for becoming my new home!

It is a time for NY’s wishes. There are so many things I would love to wish you, that it is really hard to concentrate 😆 However, there is one important thing, which covers all the wishes. Always remember that  luck comes to those, who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Believe that there is nothing impossible, cherish your dreams and make them all true.

I really hope that 2014 will be a year, where your dream will become your real life.

Happy New Year to all of you!

PS  Not to forget anything and anyone, my best moments in 2013. Pictures are better than words!

Russian version

2013 started with a trip to Amsterdam. Great NY’s night, thanks to my family and this adorable dress! / 2013 начался в Амстердаме вместе с моими любимыми и шикарным платьем :-)


It is even hard to count how many new posts with looks, where uploaded this year. I hope you enjoyed them :-) / Сколько луков было в 2013 даже страшно считать. Активный блого-год получился)


Thank you Berlin and friends for my new home. / Спасибо этому месту и моим друзьям за необыкновенный год! 5

Active 2013, lots of  instagram selfies/ Инстаграмная активность, большая активность 😆 самострелов тьма)


Birthday trip to Istanbul together with Chris! It was awesome)/ Мой 24 день рождения прошел в Стамбуле и 30 день  рождения К. Было обалденно!


Lots of recipes uploaded. Even more cooked. Thanks to my DNA, no extra weight so far 😆 / Сколько было съедено в 2013 и, конечно, рецептами делилась с вами!


The most important day of 2013, thank you Chris for making me happy!/ Самый важный день 2013, самый счастливый день!9

And  a short honeymoon in Venice/ И, конечно, мини медовый месяц в Венеции!1

Amazing trip to South Korea! Thank you Lily for being a PERFECT host! / Путешествие в Южную Корею. Скаазать, что было потрясающе, значит ничего не сказать :-)


Thanks 2013 for the amazing moments.

Спасибо 2013.

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