Best Restaurants in Berlin and even more

Best Restaurants in Berlin and even more

As an “insider” I have a feeling, that it is a time to share my list of the best restaurants in Berlin. Street food is also here, you definitely have to try it at least once.

Street Food

1. Mustafa’s Gemüsekebap,

 Mehringdamm 32, Berlin

Probably there are no Berliners, who don’t know this place. Located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Mustafa’s Gemüsekebap attracts people from all parts of the city. Even though, you will need to wait in a queue for at least 40 mins, believe me it’s worth it. If you are just visiting Berlin, that’s where you can experience the best kebab in the city.

2. Burgermeister,

Oberbaumstraße 8, Berlin  

Another great street food place in Kreuzberg is Burgermeister. Berliners love burgers, especially if the place was used to be a public toilet in the past;) And, no, I am not kidding :mrgreen:  That’s so typical Berlin!


Asian Restaurants

3. Dudu Berlin,

Torstraße 134, Berlin

That’s the right place for everyone who loves Japanese food. It is really tough to find great sushi in Berlin, but I am sure Dudu is one of the best places in the city to experience perfect sashimi and maki rolls. Don’t forget to book a table, it is always packed!

4. Kimchi Princess,

Skalitzer Str. 36, Berlin

Searching for the best Korean food in Berlin, here you go…Kimchi Princess has absolutely delicious food and very authentic atmosphere.


Casual dining and Fine Restaurants 

5. White Trash Fast Food,

Am Flutgraben 2, Berlin

“Good food with a proper portion of rock ‘n’ roll”, that is White Trash Fast Food. A bit of live music and casual American food will make an evening with friends starting in the right mood.

6. Sage Restaurant,

Köpenicker Straße 18-20, Berlin 

European cuisine, from Italian to German, you can find a dish for every taste and pocket. Sage has a very special atmosphere, chick with a little hipster touch.

7. Bocca di Bacco,

Friedrichstraße 167, Berlin

Looking for a fine, expensive Italian food, then Bocca di Bacco is the best match. Experience a wide selection of wines, great service and tasty Italian food!

8. Txokoa Gastrobar,

Weserstraße 6, Berlin

The most delicious tapas place ever. I am pretty sure, you never tried such an extraordinary tapas in your life. Try it out and don’t forget to pre-book a table, otherwise you have no chance to be sited.

  1. Pauly Saal,

Auguststraße 11, Berlin

Massive “rocket” on the wall is a great decoration, isn’t it? However, food is even a better one. Every dish here is a delight. Get ready to pay it all out 😉

10.Midtown Grill,

Eberstrasse 3, Berlin

Searching for a perfect steak house in Berlin!? Midtown Grill will meet your expectations. Open kitchen, easy-going atmosphere and a decent selection of wine, as well as perfectly cooked steaks are just a few advantages of this place.

 Russian version

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    Ты была в бикини Берлин Ресторан-бар “Супермаркет” очень хорошее место и очень вкусно все

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