Christmas Decoration in 3 steps

Christmas Decoration in 3 steps

German traditions in work;) Last year we made our first christmas decoration together, I watched through pics, definitely a huge progress! Pretty sure in 1o years we could get to the x-mas deco competition, ahahaha… Anyways, a very easy 3 step guide for your perfect x-mas table decoration! Enjoy the process with those, whom you love!

Russian version


Step 1.  All you will need is spruce branches, candles, form for decoration, spruce cones, dry oranges, mini apples, metal mushrooms for decoration and anything else you could like.


Шаг 1. Еловые ветки (свежие), свечи, подставка, шишки, ветка хлопка, сушенные апельсины/мандарины, корица, мини зеленые яблоки, металические грибочки…  выбирайте, все что вашей душе угодно, “кашу, маслом не испортишь”



 Step 2. Filling the form with spruce branches


Шаг 2. Заполняем форму еловыми ветками



Step 3. Use your imagination and hands, when decoration is done, place candles


Шаг 3. Даем волю фантазии, ставим свечи!


Here we go!

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      hehe))) thanx for the nice words! I’ve check out yr blog, looks pretty cool!

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