Cozy Day on the Terrace

Cozy Day on the Terrace
Some time ago I had a post with the “dream house”, covered with wild wine and ivy. As mentioned before, I am very inspired by this house, so I could not loose the opportunity to plant some wild wine on my terrace.
Of course, there is still a lot for wine to grow, but it made a terrace already look so much more cozy, which is why I spend hours sitting there with a cup of tea, blanket, nice book or watching Youtube on the fresh air.
Soon all the leaves will fall down, but I am already excited about Christmas decoration. I am driving crazy with all these decorations, can’t stop shopping:) The flat already looks like a DHL office, full of boxes.
While I am sorting out where to storage all these boxes before Christmas, here are some pictures of the cozy day on my terrace with a cup of tea and a book.

Russian version








Pictures by Sophie Kietzmann 

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  1. Jenny

    Какие уютные фотографии! И листья сочные) Еще мне лавочка приглянулась)

    1. eKat
      Post author

      листья уже все почти опали, но зато лавка осталась!

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