eKat blog anniversary

eKat blog anniversary
It is something important I have to say, it is eKat blog anniversary today!!!! My blog is one year! Seems like just “yesterday” I was thinking and creating ideas of the perfect blog and here we go it is already 1 year old.
It all started 2 years ago, when my first page appeared on livejournal. It was a great experience, I learned a lot, improved my writing skills and photo quality. I also got to know lots of nice people, some of them I met in real life, others are my adorable virtual fellows.
The only thing I was missing in livejournal was freedom. I felt like I am a part of some smaller community, where everyone knows, likes or dislikes each other. I felt my blog being in a “bubble” and desperately needed to get it out.
That’s how eKatblog.com appeared. It was not easy and is not now, it takes a lot of time and work. Nevertheless, I am absolutely happy to have it. My blog is a patchwork of reminiscences. It consists of many great moments, special days, great dinners with family and friends. eKat blog everyday reminds me that life is made up by small things, that don’t seem to matter. Don’t seem to matter before you have a blog.
And, of course, eKat blog would not exist without you and the time you take to visit the blog. I appreciate your contribution, your thoughts and comments, likes and even simple views. I would love to interact even more with you, so please don’t hesitate to leave comments or send emails (contact@ekatblog.com), if you just want to say “hi”, introduce yourself or share any ideas. You will definitely get an answer! There are still lots of things to improve, so let’s do it together!

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  1. Лена

    Поздравляю! Читаю относительно недавно, но теперь регулярно захожу)

  2. gellionchik

    С первым днем рождения!)

    В жж было больше жизни и больше мыслей, перенеси их сюда. Блог – продолжение тебя, а ты здесь пока что получаешься статичной, не хватает специй “тебя”)

    А так все хорошо, девочка-кокетка)

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