Jeans Shopping Guide

Jeans Shopping Guide

I am just back from the lovely Milan and of course I could not skip shopping. This time I had some kind of issues with buying trousers in all possible colors and shapes. I can swear no more trousers will be purchased in the next half a year. Meanwhile today is Sunday and I just realized that I only look forward to wear some jeans and a sweatshirt. Morning Sunday conclusion is that there is a lack of cool jeans in my wardrobe! While this issue was explored, I took my time to make a proper research and find best jeans online. I always save all the links to choose the right match at the very end. I thought it is a shame to waste my findings and just send it to trash, that’s why you are lucky to have this post.

All the models were collected from Revolveclothing, cause at the moment they have great discounts, which I rushed to use.

So, here is my jeans shopping guide! I hope you will find it useful!

Russian version


  • From black to grey, love the transition, jeans from Leona / Шикарный переход цвета Leona
  • White jeans with holes from Trashed freebirds/ Джинсы с дырками никогда не выйдут из моды, эти от Trashed freebirds
  • Washed color skinny jeans from Cheap Monday/ Вот это я понимаю выстеранный цвет от Cheap Monday
  • Mahogany jeans from Riley/ Цвет такой по-настоящему осенний от Riley



  • Blue acid jeans from Low life / Заниженная талия и хипстерский цвет от Low life
  • This brand always fits me perfectly, Citizens of humanity/ Эта марка на мне всегда сидит как влитая, Citizens of humanity
  • Something between black and grey from Awesome Baggies/ Между черным и серым, джинсы от Awesome Baggies
  • A bit more serious ‘boyfriend’ model from G-star/ В таких бойфрендах и маме можно не стыдно показаться, G-star

boyfriend jeans

‘Special edition’/Особенный формат:

  • Blue galaxy jeans, perfect for the party, Paige Denim/ Вот это цвет для вечеринки, цена, конечно, тоже Paige Denim
  • I love dots, Hudson jeans/ Я люблю джинс в горох, Hudson jeans
  • This is love from the first glance, jeans from Wildfox couture/ Как же мне они нравятся, джинсы от Wildfox couture
  • Looks like space print from Mother/ Настоящий космос, мне нравится, Mother


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  1. Лена

    Мне нравятся “бойфренды” серые, а сколько доставка в Калининград занимает, не знаешь?

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