# Qualified Professional

# Qualified Professional

# Qualified professional? It’s a weird post. Sometimes there are weeks, when I can’t even realize that another weeks passed. Sometimes, I am jealous to people who don’t need to plan the whole week, run to the office, meetings, calls, plan trips and fly around to meet clients or participate in events and meetings. Sometimes I can’t imagine, that there is someone who finished all the things he wanted to finish during the week and there is nothing more left. Well, if I would not think about all those things, I would not be myself.

In comparison with many other bloggers, I actually have a real job apart from blogging. I work in mobile marketing and I am every day busy with the most exciting industry, which didn’t even exist 20 years ago. This is a huge market for millions of advertisers and publishers. It is an incredible ecosystem, which generates billions of dollars every year. As highly tech related industry, it is absolutely dominated by men, which makes it even more exciting. You need to prove everyday that you worth something and can be even better that many men. You have to be on top of all and learn every day, learn how to be better and what to do better.

It’s Tuesday morning, it is time to start the working day… and it is great that I found sometime to share my thoughts here and now ready to run to the office!

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  1. Ира

    Классный пост! Успехов в карьере, уверена все получится!

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