Seoul and Hanok village Style: Part 3

Seoul and Hanok village Style: Part 3

There is a small area in Seoul, called Hanok village, which is a total prototype of a traditional koran village. Incredible, but these kind of houses are extremely expensive. The price is comparable with a huge flat in anew building in central part of Moscow. I heard that inside these houses are really modern, but I somehow don’t get why people pay that much money, if from morning till late tourists are making pictures on YOUR stairs?! Probably, here is a cultural difference between me and koreans:)

Russian version


Вооооон, толпы))) / CROWDS



Крыша прикольная))/ Cool Roof



Вот такие дома)) по мне избушки каменные, но Сеульцы мечтают тут пожить) /Korean Dream: These old-fashioned houses


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