First day in Seoul and I am totally excited. Feels like I am in space. Too many emotions, so it is really hard to get sentences done, but I feel kind of responsible to share first thoughts and feelings. Otherwise I could forget smth later.


The flight was disgustingly long. Berlin-Munich-Seoul, in total 11 hours. The transfer is pretty short. But anyways, my a*s was shaped in the form of a seat extremely fast, so I wished to get out of the plan as soon as possible. When I got to the gate in Munich I was dead-shocked. Hundreds of Koreans were chatting with each other so loud, that I felt like they were watching soccer somewhere. To be honest, I already started to prepare myself for a “fun” flight. Surprisingly, after getting to the plan everyone stopped talking and they quietly stared to their huge SAMSUNG devices for the rest of the flight.


You should forget about the next day after arriving to Korea. Jet-lag was awful, I was totally DEAD.


Wi-fi in a bus- BINGO! Wi-fi while walking in the street – YEAP! they have wi-fi routers EVERYWHERE. it is incredible!


Dear friends, may I have yr attention PLEASE? If you have not been to Korea so far you had no idea about the fact that Samsung is producing cars, while Lamborghini sells its own cigarette brand. All is surprising here!


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