Budapest: Part 1

Budapest: Part 1

Budapest for the Birthday weekend… Was definitely the right decision. The city is incredibly beautiful, it looks like it was decorated for a historical movie. Every single building is a “piece of art” and long walks are just the right thing for Budapest.

Two or three days is the right number of days to spend in Budapest and explore all the main attractions: Castle District, St. Stephen’s Basilica & St Stephen’s Square, Andrássy Avenue, Central Market Hall, Parlament, etc.

Hungarians are really friendly and ready to help, even if they don’t speak a word in English. I always appreciate this, because that MAKES your travel experience.

Enjoy pictures and beautiful Budapest.

PS the second portion of Budapest experience is coming soon!

Russian version


IMG_2507 copy

IMG_2814 copy

IMG_2758 copy

IMG_2792 copy


IMG_2763 copy

IMG_2612 copy

IMG_2651 copy


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  1. slastenkaaniu

    Очень красивый город,и невероятные вы)))Теперь будет мечта посмотреть Будапешт))

  2. dana-ilf

    Привет) Не знаю, есть ли еще у кого подобные блоги, но твоими глазами очень нравится смотреть на мир!

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