Korean Newspaper

Korean Newspaper

How to get to a Korean newspaper?! Pretty easy, just the western face needed. Really weird to feel that many people are putting extra attention on you, just because you don’t look Asian. Immediately while my first day in Seoul a guy with a camera came up and asked if he can take a pic for the local newspaper. Obviously there was no chance to say ‘no’.

Another weird thing you feel in Korea, that you are pretty tall in comparison with an average Korean woman, which is so strange because I am only 168cm.

Girls in Korea are totally obsessed with their looks. Honestly, I have never seen such an obsession anywhere in the world, White skin is probably number one in a Korean beauty list. Might Korean will have a very low number of people who got skin cancer because of UV, but the crazy amount of sunscreen used I guess can lead to the same consequences. However, seems no one is thinking in this way in Seoul!

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