I am back from SF since days, but i had no time at all to even scroll the blog and post anything. Finally, after forever I share some pics and thoughts about SF.
It is definitely very different from how I imagined it. It is the city full of contrasts with sketchy areas, tones of homeless people, extra ordinary expensive houses, breathtaking views and fantastic asian food. This how I would describe San Francisco in short. But actually I can talk about it for a couple of hours:)
I guess no one really needs my long talks here about California. I also think that one visit is not enough to experience and make your mind about it. Now I am absolutely sure, that I am going to plan a road trip on the west coast, from Seattle to San Diego to enjoy the nature, blue water and sunshine. I only made a half way from SF to LA and it was absolutely gorgeous, I fall in love with the views and can’t wait to have a long trip there, exploring every corner of it.

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