Seoul and Gangnam Style: Part 2

Seoul and Gangnam Style: Part 2

Do you remember PSY, this chubby Korean guy with a tremendous song “Opa, Gangnam Style” and insane dancing skills. Pretty sure some people have no idea that Gangnam actually is a posh area in Seoul, South Korea. So Gangnam style is a sort of lifestyle of the area, which in my perception can be easily described with a certain number of attributes: faces after plastic surgeries everywhere, a big amount of foreign cars, actually everything foreign in Gangnam is considered to be very cool.Do you see the muscle on my calf? Girls from Gangnam would try to do all in order to get rid off this muscle, obviously thanks to plastic surgeries. Really weird, nearly everyone in the western society spends hours in the gym to get some muscles, while Korean girls just hate them. The local style I would describe as “Sexy Babydoll”, short dresses and skirts plus super cute patterns, stockings and etc. I guess women role in Korea to be obsessively cute.  That is why sexy baby dolls are so popular in Gangnam and in Korea in general.

Anyways, South Korea is full of phenomenon for many western people, which makes travelling here particularly interesting. Just be ready that very few Koreans speak English, so I guess there is a certain language barrier, although people here are super friendly and  try to help even if they don’t know one single English word.

Russian version

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There are traffic jams everywhere in Seoul, including pedestrian ways!


В Сеуле пробки из людей))) даже в Гангнаме толпы)


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As an advice for those who plan to travel in Korea, I would suggest to take as much cash as you could. Local cash machines are working really weird, however in shops and restaurants cards are usually accepted.  Cash would be also really essential if you want to negotiate the price (ask for discounts everywhere, you will get them)


Ой, да, советую, если вдруг летите в Корею, берите с собой наличные деньги, потому что местные банкоматы очень странные штуки) часто отказываются выдавать деньги, причина не известна))) но в магазинах и ресторанах обычно карты принимают))) но с наличными всегда надежнее))) и можно торговаться)))


While walking in Seoul I was stopped by the agent who was asking me to become a ‘face’ for a Korean cookie company. He looked pretty suspicious though, so I decided not to meet him later. Anyway it is really nice to be in the center of public attention, western faces are not that common here, so you have lots of job opportunities in Seoul, if you are a good looking western girl.


А  мне предложили стать лицом корейского печенья))) агент напал на меня, говорит тебя я искал) но мне он показался каким-то подозрительным, я решила подумать) но знаете, что?! все равно очень прияно чувствовать к себе такое повышенное внимание, все рассыпаются комплиментами и зовут в чем-нибудь принять участие)))




Hundreds of ads everywhere, even too extensive!


Уличная реклама прям везде мазолит глаза, никакой меры не знают)))

Wearing: Top Jil Sander, Shorts Rocher, Shoes Vicini, Bag Stella McCartney, Pendant Vivienne Westwood

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