Travel in Sicily: Part 1

Travel in Sicily: Part 1

I am in Sicily and I have so many impressions to share that I don’t even know where to begin! We started our travel in Sicily, from Catania, south-east of the island. I believe the only thing, which makes Catania famous around the island is an awesome fish market, where you can buy everything from sword-fish to really weird clams I have never even seen in my life. Fruits and vegetables, everything is just incredible.I am pretty jealous, that you can get the same quality in Germany. We spend just a few hours in Catania and moved further up east.

It is important to notice, that no one can be so terrible in maps, like me. Exactly because of this reason, instead of taking highway road to Messina, we were driving through little sicilian villages with the average speed of 50km per hour. Anyway, I don’t regret it, cause I have seen all these incredible views. Next stop on the way to Messina, was Taormina and here we go… BLUE water and amazing beaches, that is how I imagined Sicily. I was getting out of the car every 10 minutes capturing every cornet. You are lucky, I am not going to share here every corner, otherwise you get bored with landscapes.

After exploring Taormina, we moved finally to the highway and begun our trip to Santa Flavia, just next to Palermo. And then endless number of tunnels and 3 hours drive, we finally got here. To be honest, I don’t really know what happened then, I was in coma for around 2 days and just spent the whole day on the beach and in the sea. At least at the day time. In the evenings, I am just talking for hours about delicious Sicilian food in the most random villages in the world. I have been to Italy so many times to so many different places, but I have never had such a perfect food as here.

I guess, I have to end this post now, otherwise, I will post a book about my travel in Sicily here and make you all super bored. Still having several days to go and even more pictures and posts to come.

Russian version

Catania: Fish Market/ Катания: Рыбный рынок

IMG_5590 small

IMG_5599 small

IMG_5585 small

IMG_5580 small

IMG_5582 small

Taormina/ Таормина

IMG_5637 small



Santa Flavia/Санта Флавия

IMG_5725 small




IMG_5830 small

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